10 days of


⁠Everyday you have the opportunity to fuel your body with the nutrition it deserves..


This program is for you if you would like to ...⁠
- boost your antioxidant & nutrient intake ⁠
- promote healing along the digestive tract⁠
- join an intimate nutritional wellness community⁠
- feel good & look good

For 10 days we will be consuming as many plants as possible during each meal while also supplementing with 50+ plants including sea vegetables, green grasses, antioxidant rich berries, medicinal mushrooms & HEMP.

Registration for November 1 - 10 Nourish 10 opens October 20th - 30th.

Upon registration you will receive the complete guidelines along with a Functional Food Blueprint. In this blueprint you will receive a diversity of recipes and resources on how to utilize the plant nutrition provided by HEMP, coconuts, macadamia nuts & avocado.

If you are interested in learning more please fill out the health evaluation form below. From there Magda will be in contact with you to schedule a 15 minute health consultation.