Hemp + CBD Bliss Balls

These hemp + CBD bliss balls are packed with nutrients perfect for an instant re fuel or to cure a sweet craving without the sugar high.


Hemp hearts have a sweet nutty flavor and are packed with minerals, vitamins and all the essential amino acids making these little seeds  a complete protein source. Hemp seeds are loaded with minerals like phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, zinc and copper. Hemp hearts are also rich in fiber, healthy fats,  and support a healthy digestive tract.

Let’s get to mixing!



Hemp seeds

Coconut butter

Coconut flakes

Peanut butter



Juna CBD Drops


Finely chop walnuts & dates ~ combine all other ingredients into a big bowl.

Stir Stir Stir!

Once the ingredients are mixed in roll yourself some bite size balls. Set aside a bowl of coconut flakes to coat the balls.

Place in a glass container or plate to let these bites Harden in the fridge.

Wait 30 minutes and your bliss balls are ready to enjoy.

We’ve paired the nutty flavor of hemp seeds with the delicious sweet creamy flavor of coconut butter, coconut flakes and peanut butter to make these bliss balls your new favorite go to!

Magda Hjalmarsson