3 Tips to Improve Digestion


Follow these simple rituals to help minimize bloat, support digestion and increase energy by maximizing the absorption of minerals & nutrients from the food you choose to eat.⁠

i. chew really really well! ⁠

This is the only part of digestion that is voluntary. The more we break down food into small particles, the easier it is to absorb nutrients. Simple yet crucial.⁠

ii. hydrate in between meals.

Drinking liquids during a meal dilutes stomach acid which impairs the separation of proteins from minerals. This inhibits the absorption of minerals that are essential for cellular energy.⁠ Ideally we chew food until its quite liquidy and hydrate in between meals.

iii. slow down⁠

Eating in a stressed state impairs all digestion secretions, from stomach acid to digestive enzymes. Slow down to signal to the body its time to rest and digest. It takes 15-20 minutes for a hormone cascade to be released that regulated hunger. When we eat in a rushed state we are much more likely to over eat. Slow down & create a special nook to enjoy your meals.

While these rituals may seem simple, do not underestimate how powerful they are in optimizing digestion. Belching? Gas? bloated? Start here!

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