Phytonutrients to Thrive


The chemical compounds found in plants play a critical role in the plant’s health & survival. There are numerous studies demonstrating the benefits of consuming the protective nutrients from plants. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant potential support our bodies in feeling vibrant and well.

Plants contain micronutrients which comprise all of the vitamins including vitamin A, D, and E, as well as minerals, such as calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium. Micronutrients are essential for proper macronutrient (protein, carbohydrates, lipids etc.) metabolism as well as regulating DNA synthesis, repair and gene expression. There is an entire field of study dedicated to understanding the impact and importance food has on our genetic expression, this being the field of nutrigenomics.

Either your thinking “I eat plenty of fruits & vegetables I’m good” or your present to that fact that you could really benefit from more antioxidant support from plants. The reality is that even if we are consuming a bountiful amount of plants, there are many factors which contribute to why we may not be absorbing the nutrients we truly need from the food we eat.

1. The Nutrient Drain

From topsoil erosion to modern high-intensity farming practices the food we typically have access to is less mineral dense than it once was. Current hybridization practices focus on vegetables that “look good” or are more convenient to grow but not necessarily as nutritious. We support local organic farmers who are intentional with their farming practices.

2. Genetic Factors

Many genetic variations drive a need for more nutrition. From impaired enzyme function to poor retention of nutrients. For example the MTHFR mutation requiring more folate, GSTO mutation requiring more glutathione, or MTR/MTRR requiring more B12. All of these factors can be supported through nutrition and additional supplementation.

3. Maldigestion

You could prepare the most nutrient dense meal possible however without adequate digestion, nutrients cannot be isolated from foods to allow for proper absorption. This leads to these powerful minerals and nutrients simply being excreted in the stool. This is one of the reasons why all disease begins in the gut.

3. Malabsorption

First of all if your food is not properly digested, good luck absorbing any of the nutrients. Additionally damage to the intestinal lining from increase exposure to food sensitivities, parasitic infection, yeast infection, or SIBO can all impair nutrient absorption.

The factors listed above reminds us that while there may be common triggers to why we aren’t feeling our most vibrant selves, the root cause of the “dis-ease” (the brain fog, moodiness, muscle cramps, constipation, headaches, arthritis, anxiety and indigestion) will be unique for each individual.

Functional medicine is rooted in the awareness that the body’s natural default state is one of wellness and medicine is customized for each individual. Learn more about working with a Functional Medicine Practitioner to further understand your unique biology, heal imbalance, prime your digestive system and maximize the absorption of nutrients click below.

Magda Hjalmarsson