Cannabinoid WELLNESS Coaching

Are you looking for guidance as to where to start on your cannabinoid wellness journey? With the increasing number of products, delivery methods and information we understand it can feel overwhelming. We are here to help!

When was the last time you talked with someone about your health and received the time and personal attention you deserve?  

Balnce & Bliss individual cannabinoid counseling programs begin with a 30 minute Initial Consultation with Functional Medicine Practitioner, Magda Hjalmarsson.  

This initial cannabinoid counseling includes a review of your detailed symptoms you wish to address and specific goals. There is no preset agenda.  This time is devoted to your unique needs with ample time for you to ask questions.  Magda will summarize the strategies that will help you to reach your goals and send you a follow-up summary of your Initial Cannabinoid Consultation, along with specific next steps to get your program started. This summary includes recommended products, dosage and delivery method for your unique needs. 

Our fee for an Initial Cannabinoid Consultation is $50.

Could one conversation change your life?  Let us bring powerful counseling support and cannabinoid medicine expertise to your wellness journey.